About us

GRYF STEVEDORING Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2002. Since the beginning, the company has been associated with maritime economy, providing cargo and unitized goods transshipment services in the Szczecin port with an annual volume of over 500 kt.
At the same time, GRYF STEVEDORING specializes in bulk packaging services, focused on granulated mineral fertilizers based on the latest generation packaging line with a palletizing and device for stretch foil protection.
Important elements of GRYF STEVEDORING’s activity are warehousing and storage services. This is served by the constantly developed and improved infrastructure: the construction of modern warehouses, bunkers and storage yards. The company has one of the largest bulk material warehouses with a total capacity of 50 kt.
Company provides also the full service of shipping, land and rail forwarding contractors orders.
Thanks to many years of experience, high qualified employees and gained customer trust, GRYF STEVEDORING is able carry out all tasks related to packaging and logistics services for bulk goods.